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Covid-19 (coronavirus) FAQ

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Covid-19 (coronavirus) FAQ

We know this is a difficult time for our customers, and you might have some questions about your policy. We’ve provided some support below.

How do I find out what type of cover I have?

Your policy documents will tell you the type of cover you have.

If you currently have a policy with Simply Business you can request your policy documents online.

Or use our Cover Checker to get an instant breakdown of what you're covered for.

Business insurance

What if I have business interruption cover?

Business interruption insurance protects your business income if you can't trade because your stock, contents, or buildings are damaged.

For existing customers, business interruption insurance will usually cover you if there’s physical damage to your business premises. As Covid-19 does not cause physical damage to properties, you’re unlikely to be covered. Some of the policies we offer will cover loss of revenue or any additional expenses caused by an outbreak of disease. However, insurers will usually specify the list of diseases that are covered, and Covid-19 isn’t included. To find out what you're covered for, visit our Covid-19 Policy Checker.

The FCA business interruption test case

Recognising the uncertainty around whether business interruption insurance claims due to Covid-19 were valid, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) took a case to the High Court, and in September the court found in favour of the arguments advanced for policyholders by the FCA.

After an appeal by some insurers, this was taken to the Supreme Court. On Friday 15 January 2021, the Supreme Court dismissed the appeal – meaning that some customers will be able to receive a payout on a previously rejected claim.

The test case ruling only impacts customers with business interruption cover in their policy. For customers without business interruption cover, your eligibility to make a claim will not be affected by the recent test case ruling. You can see what your policy covers you for using our Cover Checker.

Learn more about the business interruption test case.

If you’re a new customer, all policies which have a disease extension will include a list of diseases covered, and Covid-19 isn’t one of them. Any Covid-19-related incidents that have already taken place or are currently taking place (such as the closure of your business) are not covered in new policies.

What if I have personal accident insurance?

Personal accident insurance can cover you if you’ve suffered an accidental injury that leaves you unable to work. This is not an illness or sickness cover, so claims relating to Covid-19 won’t be covered.

What if I have public liability or employers’ liability insurance?

Public liability insurance protects you if you injure someone or damage their property in the course of running your business.

It may cover claims relating to Covid-19, depending on the individual case. Crucially, the main area for consideration will be if you or your business has been proven to be negligent, which has resulted in a third party being impacted by Covid-19.

Being negligent means that – as a result of your actions – you've caused damage or injury to others that could have reasonably been foreseen and avoided, as opposed to someone else being careless.

Employers’ liability insurance protects you if an employee or ex-employee sues for illness or injury caused by their work. It’s a legal requirement if you have employees and can pay compensation costs and legal fees.

It may cover claims relating to Covid-19, depending on the individual case. As with public liability, the main area for consideration will be if you or your business has been proven to be negligent, which has resulted in your employee being impacted by Covid-19.

In the case of employers' liability, being negligent means that as a result of actions by you (that could have reasonably been foreseen or avoided) your employee has been injured or fallen ill, as opposed to someone else being careless.

Landlord insurance

What if I have tenant default cover?

Tenant default insurance can help protect your rental income should your tenant(s) go into arrears.

To claim on your tenant default cover, you'll need to make us aware of your tenant's missed payment. You'll also need to give notice to your tenant(s) to let them know that you’re going to start legal proceedings for repossession of the property.

New government legislation (Coronavirus Act 2020) states that all notices served must give the tenant six months’ notice of the intention to start legal proceedings. Prior to this legislation, the required notice period was 14 days.

If you’re a landlord with tenant default cover and you're struggling to receive rent from your tenants, you'll have access to a free legal advice service. This includes a legal helpline and a range of support tools. For more information, visit our Covid-19 Policy Checker.

What if I have rental income protection cover?

Rental income protection, also known as ‘business interruption cover’, protects your rental income if your tenants are unable to trade due to a damage claim such as a fire or flooding.

If you've purchased rental income protection, then the policy will only respond if there was accidental loss or destruction, or damage at the customer's property. Covid-19 related claims would therefore not be covered.

How do I start a claim?

If there’s an incident which could lead to a claim, you can contact our claims team 24/7 on 0333 207 0560, or you can start a claim online.

Once you’ve filled out the form, the team will give you a call back to discuss your claim in more detail.

What if I need more help?

We've got a team of UK-based experts ready to help. You can give them a call on 0333 016 4504

Mon 09.00am - 05.30pm, Tues 09.00am - 05.30pm, Weds 09.00am - 05.30pm, Thurs 09.30am - 05.30pm, Fri 09.00am - 05.30pm, Sat 09.00am - 02.00pm

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